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● The Consorzio Ortovivaisti Pistoiesi is a co-operative founded in 1974 in order to commercialize the plant nursery production of our associates. At present there are 24 associated producers and cultivating ground that amounts to 80 hectares.

● Our nurseries are not only located in the province of Pistoia, but also in other parts of Tuscany as well as in other regions, where owing to favourable climate and ground conditions it is possible to produce a diverse assortment of products.

● The whole production of the associated nurseries is sold exclusively through the commercial structure of Consorzio. In this way we are able to reduce prices and shorten the chain of supply.

● 11 permanent employees enable the Consorzio to grant efficiency. They operate in the loading area of 8000 sq. m. and in the maintenance nursery area of 15000 sq. m. The Consorzio's production includes a wide range of ornamental, outdoor plants in pot as well as with rootball.

● Across it's own framework the Consorzio is able to provide all services of pre- and post sale needed to facilitate your work.